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Charming restaurants in northern and eastern Jutland

At every one of our hotels, you can easily find a good meal – each hotel has its own restaurant on the premises that serves delicious Danish classics made by excellent chefs. They all have their own unique charm and characteristics, so the menu won’t be the same at each hotel. Skaga and Hanstholm tend to have a lot of fresh fish on the menu because of the history of their respective towns with a lot of fishing that’s still active today.

The restaurants offer high quality food bursting with flavour and a great atmosphere. Our waiters are always smiling and will make sure that you have a great time eating at one of our restaurants.

We regularly change the menus at our restaurants to make sure to utilize the products and ingredients that are in season. That way we can maximize the taste in our dishes and give you the tastiest menus. We focus on some of the classics in Danish food culture, but also offer new ideas and fresh new twists and takes on the classics.

Read more about the restaurant at each hotel below.

Montra Hotel Sabro Kro

The restaurant at the hotel always serves great tasting dishes. Both guests who stay the night and restaurant guests come for the great food and the relaxed atmosphere, we always deliver.

Montra Odder Parkhotel

Odder Parkhotel is the home of a great restaurant which offers delicious meals made from the ingredients that are in season. You can find great Danish classics as well as some more adventurous dishes that are all served with a smile by great waiters.

Montra Skaga Hotel

In our restaurant, you can have a delicious meal during your stay. Our chefs prepare great tasting classic dishes made from ingredients that are in season to pack as much flavour into the food as possible. We focus on organic ingredients and sustainability in the kitchen, serving food for dinner guests, parties on the hotel as well as guests staying with us.

Montra Hotel Hanstholm

The fact that we live in a fishing town can be seen in our restaurant, which often offers delicious menus with fish as the main component. Naturally that’s not all you can have on your plate, as the kitchen serves many different and tasty dishes to the folk of North Jutland. The restaurant is well-known throughout the area, and you can have a great evening with delicious food in our restaurant.