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4 hotels in the northern and eastern parts of Jutland make out our group of hotels, that is the Montra Hotels chain. With us you can expect beautiful, elegantly designed rooms, delicious breakfast, meeting and conference facilities in many sizes, friendly staff and much more.

We have a high standard and a great atmosphere in our hotels, so you can feel at home. At every Montra Hotel you get complimentary breakfast when you stay the night. That way you can start the day off in a good way with a good meal.

One calling card among many for Montra Hotels is our restaurants. At every one of our hotels, you’ll find a restaurant within the hotel, that will serve you delicious Danish classics made with the ingredients of the season.

We are very conscious about the impact we make on the environment. That’s why we put a great deal of effort into minimizing our impact on the climate and environment. All four of our hotels are Green Key-certified as proof of our commitment for the environment in the way we run our hotels.

Montra Hotels

Are you planning your next conference, then contact Montra Hotels to hear what we can do for you.

Montra Hotels

Montra Hotels is a chain of four unique hotels with shared values. Each hotel has its own charm and characteristics, but they all have high quality and great service in common.

Montra Hotels

Montra Hotels are four fantastic hotels in Denmark. Each one has been extensively renovated and is now a four-star luxury hotel with beautiful, calm, and luxurious surroundings and facilities.

Montra Hotels

Give a giftcard to someone who deserves a little luxury. Our hotels offer great stays, delicious meals and fantastic moments you’ll remember for years to come.