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An introduction to our hotels

Montra Hotels is a chain of four unique hotels with shared values. Each hotel has its own charm and characteristics, but they all have high quality and great service in common.

Montra Hotels

Only 15 km from the centre of Aarhus located close to highway E45 in the town of Sabro, Montra Hotel Sabro Kro is a perfect choice if you want to be close to the city in a luxurious hotel with calm nature just next door to the hotel.

Viborgvej 780
8471 Sabro

Tel: 86 94 89 22

Montra Hotels

Montra Odder Parkhotel resides in the heart of beautiful East Jutland with gorgeaous surroundings in the cozy town of Odder. The hotel is close to highway E45, and some of the charming and exciting cities, towns and attractions are no more than 30 minutes away such as Aarhus, Horsens, great beaches, deep forests, and some of the tallest hills of Denmark.

Torvald Køhlsvej 25
8300 Odder

Tel: 86 54 47 44

Montra Hotels

You’ll find Montra Skaga Hotel close to the docks and the popular ferries north towards Norway, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. The hotel resides between the town of Hirtshals and the lovely nature surrounding the town and spreads to the rest of North Jutland.

Willemoesvej 1
9850 Hirtshals

Tel: 98 94 55 00

Montra Hotels

Close to the impressive port of Hanstholm with its many fishing boats is Montra Hotel Hanstholm. The town is found in the area Thy, a part of the country with a unique atmosphere and on the outskirts of the great national park close to the North Sea – in Danish named the West Sea after the western coast of the country.

Chr. Hansensvej 2
7730 Hanstholm

Tel: 97 96 10 44