The restaurant in Hirtshals

Montra Skaga Hotel

Emphasis on organic ingredients and good taste

In our hotel, we have a great restaurant just waiting to serve delicious meals for you. We pride ourselves in delivering great taste to the people of North Jutland and our guests from near and far in our restaurant with a view of the impressive harbour in Hirtshals.

The town’s history as a fishing town can be seen in our menu that often includes fresh fish, but never forgets some of the Danish classics that are always a great choice.

We use the ingredients that are in season to make both the set menu and the menu for parties at our hotel. That gives the food as much flavour as possible, and it makes for food that suits the time of year very well. Besides this, we focus on organic ingredients and reducing food waste, so you can enjoy a meal with a clear conscience.

Our hotel is focused on sustainability, including the restaurant. It’s part of why we’ve received the prestigious Green Key certification that we’re very proud of.

The menu is changed regularly to adapt to the ingredients that are in season.

Feel free to call us at 98 94 55 00 to hear more about the current menu.

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Se, hvilke fantastiske musikoplevelser og berigende foredrag, du kan opleve hos os i den kommende tid! Som en del af en hotelfamilie på fire hoteller, er der rig mulighed for at få fantastiske oplevelser i det jyske.

God fornøjelse!