Montra Hotels

Giftcards to 4-star experiences

Giftcards for our four great hotels

Montra Hotels issue giftcards online in all price ranges for all purposes – everything from the good dinner in the restaurant to romantic weekend stays with your significant other to a luxury stay for several days with family and friends. You are always welcome to contact us with questions about our giftcards.

With a giftcard of your choice, you have plenty of options for booking a great stay at one of our 4-star hotels in Jutland. It can be for a relaxing weekend on the West Coast with sea, beach and magnificent scenery. Or what about a golf, culture or wellness stay or an inn stay with culture, city, shopping and café visits in the Capital of Culture Aarhus?

The choice is yours or the recipient’s, and there is plenty of opportunities to buy a giftcard with different amounts all depending on the intention. The giftcard can also be used for a concert combined with a stay or other experiences in or around the hotels. [Ps2id id = ‘buy’ target = ” /]

We will send the giftcard to you or to the recipient’s home address.

Giftcards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.