Information regarding COVID-19

Updated January 19th 2022. We will update this page regularly.

All hotels are open again

All our hotels are open again and can be reaches as normal. Welcome back!

To make you feel safe we follow the latest developments in the guidelines from the authorities and keep this page updated so as to help you navigate in a safe way while staying with us.

We look after each other – at arrival to the hotel you must be able to show a valid corona passport.

How we ensure your safety

Your safety is important to us, so we take a number of precautions to ensure you the safest stay at our hotels. We follow all guidelines and regulations from the authorities, and we are part of HORESTAs ”SAFE TO VISIT”-program.

We are always up to date on the latest requirements and guidelines regarding the pandemic, and you can rest assured that we’ve made it easy for you to act considerate toward our staff as well as other guests.

If you have any doubts about the way we handle health and safety at our hotels, feel free to contact the hotel by phone or email to hear more.


Free cancellation until 6PM Danish time the day before arrival

We know that this time has been challenging for everyone and that COVID-19 will continue to be a major concern in the future. Therefore we have FREE CANCELLATION at all four hotels until 6 PM the day before arrival, so you can safely book your stay with us.

If you have booked a stay at one of our hotels, and you are prevented from coming, simply contact the hotel before 6 PM the day before arrival and notify the hotel about your cancellation. There are no fees – it is part of our service in this special time with the pandemic.

Guidelines at the hotels

In all our hotels we have provided clear signage that makes it easy for you to show consideration towards our staff and other guests. You can always easily find the maximum number of guests in meeting rooms and find guidance and reminders for appropriate behavior.

We have hand sanitizer in many places in the hotels and our cleaning procedures are adjusted so that we ensure the greatest possible safety for all guests.

Both employees and guests must wear visor or facemasks in common areas. Facemasks are available at the reception.

Remember a valid corona passport is required upon arrival at the hotel.

A valid corona passport is also a requirement for private parties and events held at hotels.

Bars and restaurants in our hotels are open, but must be closed every day no later than 10 PM.

It’s not a requirement to wear a facemask when sitting at your table in the restaurant or bar, but a facemask is required when getting up from the table. We make sure that there is a minimum of one meter distance between the tables.

For meetings in closed rooms, facemasks are not required. The current maximum for people together applies here.

Our appeal to you as a guest

As described above, we want everyone to feel safe. Therefore, we would like to encourage that we all take care of each other and show consideration.

Therefore, we encourage you to follow the development of COVID-19, and comply with our guidelines below as best you can:

  • Avoid shaking hands when greeting
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer often
  • Stay home if you are sick or have symptoms
  • Cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or sleeve
  • Keep a safe distance from the other guests at the hotel
  • Remember; it’s not just COVID-19 that is contagious, so is a smile

We look forward to welcoming you all Montra Hotels.

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